The Certificate in
Designing and Writing E-learning Content

The course

This is the only course of its kind to be accredited at Level 4 by the National Open College Network. This award is recognised in most EEC states.

The course is based on Institute of IT Training competencies and has been mapped against Further Education National Training Organisation (FENTO) standards for Information & Learning Technology (ILT).

It is the first course to receive recognition from the Institute of Continuing Professional.

This 30 hour online programme includes short exercises, assignments, numerous interactive elements and reviews. Learners have full on-line tutorial support throughout.

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the eight modules described below. For the certificate course, learners produce one module of an e-learning programme or a ‘practice piece’.
To gain the Diploma, learners complete the certificate course and go on to produce a complete e-learning course to post-validation stage. There is no fixed time limit on this part of the programme, but it is preferable that learners should complete their diploma course within three months of commencement.
Course modules
  1. The theory and structure of e-learning
    The history and learning psychology of programmed learning
  2. Web Wisdom (Exemption possible)
    A non-technical introduction to designing material that can run on the Internet.
  3. The learning process
    The learning cycle and learning styles
  4. Planning a learning experience
    Defining behavioural objectives, defining content, teaching points, order of presentation, and prioritisation
  5. Organising the learning material
    Defining conventions, using graphics, developing structures, learning reinforcement.
  6. Producing interactive elements
    Question design, answer analysis, exercise and assignment design and providing feedback.
  7. Writing the text (Exemption possible)
    How to write concise, accurate and interesting learning texts that are grammatically correct and unambiguous
  8. Validation and publication
    Designing, administering and analysing pre- and post-course tests.

The Diploma course builds on this and covers e-tutoring, quality assurance and complete tutorial and sub-editing support in producing a finish piece of courseware.



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