Frequently Asked Questions

Q1  How do I find a course?
A1  Simply click on the courseware link in the menu. New courses will be added all the time. Also, if you have company membership there may be special courses available to you that are specifically designed for your company’s employees.

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Q2  How do I register for a course?
A2  Once you have found the course in the courseware page, click on the "register" link on the right of the list.

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Q3  Who is my Sherpa Tutor?
A3  Sherpa tutors are allocated to you based on the course. Shortly after registration you will be notified of the name and contact details of your tutor by email.

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Q4  How do I operate the software?
A4  Once you have registered and logged in to the course, each page of the course is presented to you in sequence. You control when to step to the next page and you can, at any time, move back or look ahead in the pages in that module. All navigation is carried out in the browser.

Your course is divided into ’Stages’. Each stage is made up of ’learning objects’ and each learning object is made up of a sequence of ’frames’. Each frame contains learning material and may also contain additional information and/or a question, exercise or assignment.

On the left hand side of the screen you will find a list charting the
’Stages’ of your adventure in learning. You can click on any stage link at any time to view or learn that stage.

On the top right of your screen you will see the word ’Next’ beside some walking boots. Clicking here will take you to the next frame in the current sequence, clicking on ’Previous’, will take you to the previous frame.

At the foot of the screen you will find a set, or several sets, of numbers. These represent the frames in each of the learning objects involved in the stage you are undertaking. You can navigate by clicking on numbers in sequence and can go back or forward to review frames as you wish. The penultimate number in each object is usually a summary frame. You might find it helpful to look at this frame before you begin the stage.

When you log on you will be offered the choice of beginning or continuing the course. If on subsequent visits you click on the ’continue the course’ option, you will be taken to the point in the programme where you left off.

You can email your Sherpa Tutor at any time by clicking on the envelope icon.

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Q5  What qualifications do I need to get on a Sherpa course?
A5  Please contact Sherpa for more details on entry requirements.

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Q6  Who wrote my Sherpa Course?
A6  You will find details of course tutors and a short resume on each course.

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Q7  Who are the Sherpa directors?
A7  Managing Director: Brian Holley MCIPD MIITT Dip CG.
Over 20 years involvement in training including programmed learning. Careers advisor for 17 years and senior local government officer for 12 yearsSelf-employed for 8 years delivering management and communication skill training to major organisations in the UK (e.g. Campbell’s (UK), Boots Manufacturing, Barclay’s Bank, Burmah Castrol)

Technical Director: Michael Wood BSc (Multimedia with Marketing Management)
Over 10 years of business to business sales & marketing experience, Web Portal management. Over 5 years of multimedia development experience Technical and electronics hardware background.

Editorial Director: Elizabeth Holley MA (Hons)
Lectured in English in several British further education colleges and schools. Trained and worked as a political agent for the Conservative Party Qualified as an image consultant with internationally known First Impressions in 1991. Commissioned as a consultant in both the private and public sectors, including work with senior politicians from various parts of the world Established the Holley Warren Partnership with her partner in 1994.

Sales and Marketing Director: Michael Greenspan
Managing Director Global TV Sports Ltd. As owner, considerable portion of time was spent overseas, particularly in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, in order to secure contracts. Sales Director, The Sports Space Group Ltd. London General Sales Manager, Pearl and Dean (Asia) Ltd. and Pearl and Dean (UK) Ltd

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17 July 2018

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