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1. What's the difference
2. Integrated Learning
3. Integration with Business
4. Organisation Objectives
5. Bow Wave
6. Integration with Job Role
7. Integration with Workplace
8. Delivery Methods
9. Course Follow Up
10. Summary

Integrated Learning
Integrated Learning is a process, not a function.  The 'what', 'where', 'when' and 'how' of your learning programme will be largely for you to choose.  

For instance, you can take half an hour at your desktop to begin a programme and finish it on your PC at home.  Some or all of the learning may take place on-line, but some may be done in a classroom and the rest with the help of a coach or mentor.  With Integrated Learning we have many ways of supporting you to achieve your goals.

Integrated Learning is also very flexible.  You might begin a programme only to find there is something else that's relevant, but not included in the immediate programme.  In that case, you can simply pause in what you're doing,  study the relevant  module, then resume your original programme when you're ready.

How would you go about Integrating Learning with your Business?

18 June 2018

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