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1. What's the difference
2. Integrated Learning
3. Integration with Business
4. Organisation Objectives
5. Bow Wave
6. Integration with Job Role
7. Integration with Workplace
8. Delivery Methods
9. Course Follow Up
10. Summary

Integration with Business

Integrated learning is an holistic approach to learning which is capable of far better results than any other form of training.

  • Integrated learning connects learning directly with strategic and business objectives to deliver outcomes that improve the bottom line.
  • It helps individuals to integrate their learning with their job role so that the learning is applied in a practical and measurable way.
  • Integrated Learning uses a variety of delivery methods according to the needs of the organisation, the learning required and the individuals concerned.
  • It draws on the individual's previous experience wherever possible to give a sense of continuity and familiarity.
Organisation Objectives

18 June 2018

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