First Visit
1. What's the difference
2. Integrated Learning
3. Integration with Business
4. Organisation Objectives
5. Bow Wave
6. Integration with Job Role
7. Integration with Workplace
8. Delivery Methods
9. Course Follow Up
10. Summary

Integration with the Job Role
If your organisation is watching the wash, take action now or your competitors will quickly steal the march on you.
At 300.00 a day, plus travel and perhaps accommodation, and not forgetting your salary, your one-day course might cost 800!

If you retain only 5% of the course information, how much has your organisation lost?
How often have you returned from a course when the telephone rings and a voice says "Glad you're back. We've got a problem . . ." or some such? Very soon your learning begins to evaporate. Many people feel that the training has been worthwhile even if only five per cent of the course is remembered?

18 June 2018

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