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Integration into the Workplace
If you only retain five per cent of the learning on a course costing 800, your organisation has lost 760! If three of your colleagues attend, that's over 3000. What might your organisation have done with that money?
If you took part in a learning programme, supported by mentors, rather than attending a course, don't you think you'd get more out of it?
Moreover, learners are not left to their own devices. They get support every step of the way, either from our own on-line mentors, or from mentors in your own team, whom we'll train.

The Sherpa Integrated Learning approach is to help people design their own programme of learning. They can choose, as far as is practical, the method of delivery they prefer and they can set their own pace.

To INTEGRATE LEARNING into the workplace, you have to ensure that learning continues long after the classroom or other input has finished. Learning is a process, not a function. They didn't build Rome in a day, and it simply isn't possible to expect people to leave a one-day course, able to apply all they've learned.

18 June 2018

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