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1. What's the difference
2. Integrated Learning
3. Integration with Business
4. Organisation Objectives
5. Bow Wave
6. Integration with Job Role
7. Integration with Workplace
8. Delivery Methods
9. Course Follow Up
10. Summary

Delivery Methods
Integrated Learning uses a variety of delivery methods according to the needs of the organisation, the learners and the learning material.
Would you want learning to continue after completion of the course?
Part of the classroom session may be devoted to developing individual learning strategies which participants will implement over the coming weeks. Following the classroom session, each learner could be provided with a mentor (on-line or face-to-face) whose role it is to help the learner achieve personal performance goals.

For instance: in one organisation a learning programme may begin with some on-line learning, preparing participants for a classroom session. In another, the same programme might be delivered purely on-line because of the difficulties of getting people together. In yet another organisation, the programme may be delivered in a classroom because there is not the equipment to handle the on-line learning satisfactorily.

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