First Visit
1. What's the difference
2. Integrated Learning
3. Integration with Business
4. Organisation Objectives
5. Bow Wave
6. Integration with Job Role
7. Integration with Workplace
8. Delivery Methods
9. Course Follow Up
10. Summary

Course Follow Up
During the individual mentoring period, learners also get together to support each other in learning groups. These may be on or off-line.
And finally to summarise
You only have to attend one of the follow-up sessions to realise that this really is the most exciting and successful method of training delivery.

Although the whole process may span several weeks or even months, the overall costs can be considerably less than for a purely classroom-based course. Classroom time is reduced and individuals, with a modicum of in-house or on-line support, develop their skills in the workplace.

Six to eight weeks after the beginning of the programme (sometimes longer), participants can get together for a follow-up session in which they share their learning experiences and what they have achieved.

18 June 2018

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