The Business Case
As a Sherpa Affiliate you will be able to provide your clients with online training services directly from your own web site.   A portal from your site, branded with your logo and style, will deliver a range of top-quality, tutor-supported e-learning courses direct to your client’s desktop.  You will be able to:
  •   extend the range of value-added services you offer your business clients
  • · provide your business clients with training at less than half the cost of many other public courses
  • · earn commission on every course delivered from your site, or gain access to free training
  • · help improve your client’s businesses
  • · enhance your reputation with your clients
  • · encourage clients to visit your site more frequently
  • · provide training for your own staff - anytime, anywhere and at less cost
  • · manage your training programme more efficiently
  • · gain access to free learning resources, information and services from the Sherpa site
The portal is maintenance free.  Once it has been set up, all you have to do is make your clients aware of your new service.  Everything else will be taken care of by Sherpa.
Sherpa E-learning: What makes the difference?
E-learning has enormous potential but often this is not realised because many courses, even from leading suppliers, are poorly designed and learners generally lack adequate support.   Sherpa Integrated Learning spent three years addressing these problems.  
Sherpa’s courses can genuinely be classified as unique.  They are all developed by experienced trainers who are qualified to design and write e-learning content through Sherpa’s own Level 4-accredited course.

All of Sherpa’s courses are proactively supported by an online personal tutor.  This means that every learner receives individual tuition, something that cannot be achieved in classroom-based courses.  However, any course in the Sherpa library can also be run as an in-house classroom course if you or a client wishes.  This can be supplemented by continuation coaching online.
Topics currently available in the Sherpa e-learning library
  •  Business report writing
  • · Technical report writing
  • · Business letter writing
  •  Copywriting for sales
  • · Replying to customer complaints
  •  Creative problem solving for teams
  •  Time management
  •  Negotiation skills
  •  Performance management*
  • ·  Recruitment and selection*
  • · Finance for non-financial managers*
  • · Dealing with difficult people
  •  Effective online tutoring
  •  IT courses

    * Coming shortly
What next?
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18 June 2018

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